Monday, 20 October 2014

New 12x12!

...I really enjoyed putting this one together. It came together really easily and quickly. I saw a LO in an old Scrap 365 and decided that it would help get me started. It was the bright colours that initially caught my eye then the use of old book pages on the flower and the scallop borders along with the doodling.
   Here's the pic from Scrap 365 - the layout is by a lady called Lisa Saunders

loved the use of old book pages - especially on the flower!

And here's how mine evolved into this...

As usual I went off down my own road!!!!

Now I see them alongside each other, they don't really look anything like each other but i think you can tell the top one definitely influenced at least a couple of elements on mine. I actually intended to go with a white background too but had these 12x12 background papers hanging about on my table and before I knew it they'd introduced themselves to each other and were getting on so well that I just felt it would be rude not to let them stay together lol!!! Then I stumbled upon some acetate flowers and leaves from an old Brenda Pinnick kit, which acquainted themselves with my daughter's ProMarkers and so then they joined the party too!!! I love the magic that sometimes happens when putting a layout together. Just playing with stuff can be such fun that before you know it your layout is finished!!

Big flouncy flower - loads of die cut layers of old book pages!

Sweet acetate flower coloured up with ProMarker pen!

If only all layouts came together so quickly!!! Maybe I just faff too much - you know I think I do - I even faff at work, and some days it feels like I endlessley twirl things round and round on the page before I settle for something... don't tell my boss that tho - that's a trade secret!! Lol!!
What inspires your scrapbooking???

Thanks for coming by for a lookee!!!
Jak xxx

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