Monday, 14 December 2015

Making things for Christmas...

Hey how are y'all?!
Things have been quite productive round here lately... I've been helping Millie make her Fimo earrings which took us the best part of 2 weekend's work but it was worth it as she sold lots and raised some money for the school. Then I've been making some mixed media art for gifting for Christmas pressies this year. The Works is great for cheap n cheerful blank canvases, wooden frames, boxes etc. and we're going great guns in order to get our little projects ready for next week. NEXT WEEK? (faints in panic!!!!) Oh dear, I've just realised how much shopping and organising I've yet to do. I haven't even written a Christmas card yet - hang on - I haven't even bought any yet!! I think cards are getting sent less and less these days. People seem to send a donation to charity instead and send FB messages to friends instead of cards. Even the kids don't get as many home from school as they used to.  A sign of the times maybe...
Anyhoo here's a quick lookee at some of my crafty endeavours...

I have a pic frame and little trinket tray in progress too at the moment plus 2 more new nest paintings.
Pop back soon for some more in depth pics and details!
Lots of love,

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