Thursday, 16 February 2017

Paper houses!

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Welcome back to paperymash! Today I'm going to show you these cute paper houses - there are two different ways to achieve these 93 if you're anything like me!); one is a decoupage method, the other is from a die set, both by DoCrafts. Or, you can mix them up and do a hybrid and use everything!!!
Here's the two different sets...
DoCrafts Deco Design kit. ©DoCrafts

Xcut Houses die set. © DoCrafts

   The pack is a straightforward decoupage kit which includes two templates that make up the actual house and an inner box which the house sits over/on top of. This means it's ideal for filling with goodies or a battery operated candle.
This one is decorated to look like a pretty Parisienne patisserie

So cute!
   The next one I wanted to freestyle a bit so I used the die set to make a house that I could pop a battery candle in. I made curtains for the windows and "glazed" the windows with vellum to cast a soft glow while lit up. I'd love to do a row of these all different heights and coloured windows, decorated with spooky stuff for Halloween. These would make great christmas decorations too!!!

Cute spooky house!
If 3d houses aren't your thing you could always convert your houses into cards instead. The paper kit would definitely make quite a few of these as there is an extra sheet of windows for this very purpose. Worth a mention too is the pack contains some patterned papers which would make a great background for the cards although I would stick them on to card stock before using the template or die cutting the actual house shape base - you want your houses to be sturdy after all!!

House card.

Whichever way you want to go these are great fun to make up and a bit different!!!
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