Monday, 23 August 2010

A quickie!

I've clocked up another year on the age-o-meter since my last post! Thanks to all my family and friends for their love and support over the last year and cheers for all the pressies and cards (none homemade!!!) at the weekend and can I just say... my girls...yes Millie and Sadie I mean you - enough with the trips up to A&E on my birthday!! This is turning into a birthday tradition I could do without! Wee SadieBelle split her chin open the other day but has had it literally glued back together again and is none the worse for it. Bonkers!!
So... anyway - I thought it was about time I did a 12x12 page for a change.
I don't know if it's coincidental but since Scrapbook Inspirations folded, I do hardly any scrapbook pages. This one was a quicky for the Millie album using a pic that must be a coupla years old now but I still really like it. I think she might have a bit of the artist in her - be odd if she didn't cos both me and her dad do it for a living! I'm not sure I'm completely finished with it but I thought I'd stick it on to let you all know I've not been resting on my design laurels, whatever they are! I'm kinda wishing I'd started it on corrugated cardboard so's I could have built up some texture on it for a bit of extra dimension, but hey, I didn't! Next!!
Happy scrapping!!
J :-D

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