Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Hello, hello...

I have been neglecting my poor little blog of late because it's been a bit busy round here recently. Millie has just turned 8 (how did that happen) and there was quite a bit of work of the non crafting variety namely h*******k (-bah) and shopping leading up to this. She had a lovely day - see piccie - and we all ate too much rubbish and me and auntie Kaggy drank more wine than we should have. The birthday girl could have opened a sweetie shop with the amount of choccie she was given but as is the Strachan tradition, we have all helped out to get rid of/consume about a shed load already and there really isn't too much left now! Heehee happy days! Craft wise I have fitted in a 12x12 and managed to lead little Sadies friend's mummy (hello Elaine) astray down the craft path. Oh dear she's displaying the first signs of obsession/addiction to papercrafting already. I must be a bad influence....
More stuff later!
Love J xxx

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