Friday, 1 October 2010

What a life!!!!

Sometimes there just isn't enough hours in the day/days in the week and as you know I'm not one to off-load to you all in blogland but man, I'm spent! Work is outrageously busy this last 2,3 weeks, I've designed my socks off and only now am making headway with it all, result being that I'm quite actually a zombie by the time I've done the work thing then the Mummmy/domestic goddess(!)bit - there's just nothing left in the creative pot to do much of anything inspiring.
However, apart from Sadie and her exploding snotty nose and my horrendous acid reflux (thats stress for ya), we are all in rude health here on Planet Strachan, so I guess I should be grateful for small mercies and just roll with it. I'm just getting antsy cos I'm too tired to play just now although I have made the effort to complete my paperbag book that I made at a class a couple of weeks ago at Kitty Krafts! I loved this and the good thing about it is once the book is made up there's lots of little flappy bits and pockets to put extra photos and bits of journalling into. I think the next one I do I might put some of the girls drawings inside the pockets and make it into a little story about their developing artistic talents. I actually tried to put some pics on last night but as usual the bloomin' laptop gave up on me and decided to have a mini nervous breakdown instead - not good. I wish we could just retire her but just not possible at the moment. Perhaps if I treat her with dignity and respect instead of shouting and namecalling she might soldier on for another few months. Wishful thinking perhaps, meantime there's always the lottery!
Happy crafting peeps!

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