Friday, 11 March 2011

New additions chez Strachan...

Just adorable!



OMG! The cutest things, tho I say so myself. 11 weeks old and all the way from Carnoustie this Tuesday - drum roll... - it's Prince Kaspar Kandinsky (grey boy - Kaspar for short!) and Mog (ickle girl!) both names picked by our girls... you can probably guess who named which!!! A house is not a home without cats so we're all happy again being entertained by these furry little bundles of mischief. Crash - that was a tablelamp just hitting the floor!! Time to move all breakables to safety. Oh and how can such little paws make such a noise similar to a heard of buffalo rampaging through the house? Aww, happy days


  1. OMG!!!! How cute are these two, I soooooo want them too! You're so right, cats around the house make it so homely, we have two and they are just part of the family.
    Enjoy your little kittens they are simply adorable!
    Suzie xxx :)

  2. lol sounds as if you are having fun there jak...

    not a catty person myself, (am allergic to them) but still think they look cute...
    maria xx