Thursday, 3 March 2011


Oooooh these were as good as they look and the packaging was a feast for the eyes too!
Jak :-)


  1. For those of you that have eagle eyes, my boycott of all things Tesco has kinda gone a bit by the wayside for the sake of convenience!!! Damn - you'll never beat them you know...

  2. WOW defiantly worth it, they look yummy...

    and what can you do with that box, I expect a card made out of it, then you have an excuse to buy some more, enjoy...

    maria xx

  3. Finally back in blog land again Jak, so cathcing up with all my lovely bloggers. Love the cakes, yum is right, lol! I don't envy you your building work, poor you! We've just spent the whole last six months having our house refurbed, complete nightnare, but we're finally back in, hurray, pics to follow, still lots to do, but wonderful to be back!
    Suzie xxx :)