Thursday, 22 December 2011

8x8 bonus post!

Well lookey here!
I've managed to squeeze in another post! Here's a layout I was working on at my last craft club night (Merry Christmas ladies!). It needed a few finishing touches to complete it and finally I'm happy with the way it has turned out. It was inspired by the LO on the cover of the first issue of Scrap365. I really like the splashy paint style - a bit more lively and defo fun to indulge in. My first attempt didn't quite work though - I used the "wrong" colours and it ended up looking like some kind of horror/bloodbath, crime scene layout! That had to go as it was totally distracting and did nothing for the small photo. In the end I went over with a soft pink paint that complimented the colours in the pic instead! Ah well that's what its all about - some you win, some you have to work a bit harder with! Hope you like it anyway.
Have a very Merry Christmas everypeeps!
Lots of love


  1. Hi Jak,

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog :)

    Well done for sqeezing in another post before Christmas :)
    I might just do the same, as I baked some Christmas cakes last night, and hope to decorate today, so may add them later :)so long as I don't have any disasters in the mean time, lol!

    Loving your layout, I must get hold of this magazine.
    LOL! about the blood bath, how funny, yes I would think perhaps splashes of red would have that effect, lol!

    I love the sound of your craft club too, how lovely to scrap with others.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christams Jak with your lovely family.

    Suzie xxx :)

  2. LOL jak, fab page, love the photo, lol...xx

    maria xx