Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sewing a Sock Kitten....

Well who'd 've thunk it!
Me sewing! Aaaaargh!
And at the busiest time of the year!
That is Pester Power for you. Sadie is the Queen of Pester Power and I have been mithered relentlessly since this little parcel was opened Christmas morning. So much so that I was actually (almost) glad to get to work for a break from the incessant "Will you help me make my Sock Kitten Mummy pleeeeeease?" trilling in my ears! However by yesterday afternoon I'd run out of excuses and was actually feeling a bit guilty about dodging this duty that I kinda thought I'd better show willing and just get the job done if only for the sake of my ears...

So here in all its glory...

And so admired and grateful was my little Belle that she couldn't wait to get off to bed with he who has been named Mittens Stripey Strachan!
Kinda made it all worthwhile ... maybe. Can I just add that Millie got one too but she surely must be old enough to sew it herself by now...surely?

Oh. And when we got up this morning, Mittens looked like this...

Hahahaha - he'd lost an eye! Eeek!
D'oh - better go. I have a Sock Kitten in need of emergency opthalmic surgery!!!!
Happy New Year to everyone!
PS - don't ask me to sew for you. Ever!


  1. Oh Oh, Leon got one of these - it's a sock monster. Luckily the the X Box and Lego has taken up most of his time. He had a creative burst on boxing day building up his pirate ship and painting it, or should I say - dabbing splodges of paint over it.

    Happy new year Jak, loved your 8x8 btw.

  2. Oh, she is soo cute all cuddled up with her teddy. You have to scrap those photos.
    Happy New Year!

  3. LOL looks like you had fun jak and your daughter was thrilled with all your hard work...

    hope her eye is better now, lol...

    maria xx

  4. Happy New year Jak! Your little girl is sooooo cute! as is your little sock kitten, both just so lovely!!!!
    Suzie xxxx :)