Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Home Sweet Home..

As promised - the home decor project I started at the craft club I've been going to. Its made from recycled corrie cardboard/pizza boxes/cereal boxes and covered in beautiful Amy Butler - Belle papers. These PPs were from a 12x12pad from K&Co and I have used them time and again on many projects - the colours really appeal to me but sadly, I'm coming to the end of the pad - there's hardly any left but in a way that makes me feel good because it means I have put them to good use. Isn't it funny - you make an investment in a beautiful pad of paper and you literally cannot bear to take a pair of scissors to it... so instead you flick through it from time to time until the courage comes over you to start using it and once you're 2 or 3 sheets in you get all reckless and just go for it. Next thing is one day when it's just about all gone, you'll wish you still had it. Mad! And I know I'm not the only one!!!
My next post ... recycled illustrations from old books into cute cards! I've done about half a dozen of these and I'm really enjoying the spontaneous cutting up and putting back together again with little bits of text. A bit random but very therapeutic!
Always glad to see you, thanks for popping by

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  1. Such detail and different skills shown here, beautiful x