Sunday, 24 June 2012

Repurposed book illustrations

Hi there!
Hope you are all well. Here's a few cards I made put together by chopping up an old children's book to use the amazing and very "of their time" illustrations. I had a source at hand - namely an old book of my big sister's but I couldn't bring myself to ask if I chop it up - you know, she's never forgiven me for giving her beloved Baby Angel doll a haircut and an eyelash trim 40 years ago! Haha some things will never be forgiven or forgotten so, I ordered the same book from ebay and felt no shame/pain for hacking it up. Lo and behold - some cards! I think they look cute and the random extract of text from the story that goes along with them adds to their charm! Well, I think it does anyway. Quirky is the word I'm looking for here! By the way it's so hard to come by these old book these days. Used to be that you could walk in to any charity shop and were awash with them but now they go off to specialist book/charity shops and are very hard to come by unless you pay a small fortune for them!Hmmm! Anyway I hope you like them!
Thanks for looking!

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