Sunday, 9 December 2012

New Kitts on the Block...

As promised a couple of blogs ago, the two new additions to our mad enough already household.....drumroll please for Pablo Diablo and Rocky Rocket Man Strachan!!! Awww!!! When we lost our Kaspy Boy in a road accident back in September we were absolutely distraught. He left a huge hole in all our lives - he was such a dominant character around the house. It was like our house was just way too big for little Mog and she was lost without her brother. Strange though it may seem, we quickly decided that although we needed to grieve for our loss, we would not have Mog as our only cat and once things weren't so raw we would make enquiries into taking on a new kitty from the local cat shelter. About four weeks later we arranged for a lady from the Cat Shelter to interview us at home to check our suitability for taking on a kitten. During the visit she told us of some kittens that were currently in one of their foster homes which would be ready for homing shortly and would we like to have a look at them? With much trepidation on my part we all went to visit them in their beautiful foster  home out in Auchterhouse. As soon we saw them we knew we couldn't have just one (I know, I know!)  There was only three of them and one was spoken for already. So, it was decided there and then that we would take the two little boys.  They weren't quite ready to leave their mummy yet so we had to leave them there for another week but we made sure their Cat Shelter names were changed and that they were to be known as Rocky and Pablo!
   They have settled in really well although Mog was decidedly miffed to start off with and took to standing in the garden glowering at the house. Even now, she grumbles like an old lady if they get a bit too in her face which, being kittens they do -  but all in all she has coped really well. They are funny and cute and really really naughty - just the way we like 'em!
 Here's a couple of piccies!

Fast akip!

It's a hard life being a kitten!
Thanks for popping by!

   PS:- Leon and The Girls put the Xmas tree up last night. Not unexpectedly, two unwanted furry decorations kept appearing in it! At one point Rocky had to be untangled from lights and tinsel. They shall now be collectively known as The Dangerous Brothers!


  1. How adorable and so so cute I am sure they will now stop your home from feeling so empty and bring loads of love and laughter too awwww I want them lol
    Jacki xx

  2. even though I'm not a catty person (sorry am allergic to cats, lol) but they do look cute and I did laugh at them helping redecorate the tree, lol..

    enjoy and hope you managed to get some photos to scrap...

    maria xx

  3. Ooooooh how cute are they?! I love them!!!!!! Just so so lovely, what a wonderful addition to your home. Suzie xxxx :)