Sunday, 2 December 2012

On the first day of Christmas, Sadie gave to me...

...a stunning advent calendar she'd made for me at school! Hooray! The first door has Rudolph in it or Roodle as Sadie calls him. Day 2 has a jolly snowman behind the door. So while everyone else in the house is opening their own calendars and chomping down chocolate before breakfast, I get a lovely colourful surprise behind each door, just like it should be!
   Now when I was a wee girl there was only ever 1 calendar bought each year and me and my big sis Kags always had to take turns to open each door. These calendars were always of the holy variety naturally, as Christmas is all about Jesus - well it used to be when I was young, probably cos we went to Catholic schools... Anyways, I was always so excited about the Advent calendar and Kaggy who is seven years older than me, always let me have my turn first to open door no.1. Now, I thought my big sis was being (unusually) kind and had truly entered into the Christmas spirit by being so generous as to let me have the first go... It took me years to work out why I never ever got those final no. 24 double doors that revealed baby Jesus in the manger, with Mary and Joseph et all! Hmmmm...
Have a lovely lazy Sunday crafty friends!
Jak xxx
PS:- She always whipped my ass at Cluedo too, even though it was only the 2 of us playing...I'm such a dimwit!! LOL!

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  1. oh how sweet jak, I love it and your story about your advents calenders... my daughter (25 years old) was saying she missed the 'old fashion' advent calenders, so brought her one from hawkins last week... she loved it...

    have a lovely time with the kids while they are small, they grow up so quick... xx

    maria xx