Monday, 18 February 2013

The Gingerbread House...

...was a case of style over substance if ever their was one! It looked really good but was totally rubbish to eat and went out to the garden for the birds, who themselves were distinctly "meh" about it too! But hey - The Girlz enjoyed making it and were really proud of it and I took advantage of a photo opportunity... Millie, typically couldn't wait to get her sweet tooth into it - Sadie as usual will do anything her sister does as she hero worships her and always looks to her to lead the way. (That's when they're not squabbling and squawking...)
     So, The gingerbread bit of the title is hand cut (- ohh how I would love a Silhouette Cameo/Portrait). I kinda struggle a bit here for supplies of alphas so I try to find a way to customise what I've got or print out stuff from my Mac. I'd really like to rattle off a few 12x12's as I have neglected my scrapbooking duties of late, plus I could do with sorting out some photos for various albums and get on top of things. Who am I kidding - does anyone ever get on top of scrapbooking, ha ha those photos opportunities just keep coming atcha!!
Keep on scrapping!


  1. Fab page, love you buttons border and your title. Shame that house didn't taste as nice as it looked. I would love one of those digital die-cutters too ;).

  2. Loving the button border too, great page... and reminds me, I have that big arrow stamp too, need to dig it out.