Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A 12 x12 of Mog...

...the beautiful little Princess Snow Tiger at large in the garden. Awww, she looks so kittenish and skinny - she'd only just started going outside and was still to reveal her murderous, dark side -  a wild animal waiting to pounce when the time is right... It was about this time that she brought home a "present" every time she went out. Seriously, there wasn't a mouse left in the street at one point. However, she's calmed down a lot since she was neutered, thank goodness!
Anyhoo I thought I'd try another loose style of LO again and yet again it was finished pretty quickly. I think these one photo layouts are definitely a lot easier to do than 2 or 3 photo types as there's a bit more breathing space around everything which helps guide the eye to the focal point - the photo. I've used all sorts of odds and ends again and yep - more washi tape sticking things down. The photo of it isn't that great as the bird and butterfly Anna Griffin stamps are a lot clearer in real life but hey, it gives you a flavour. I'm enjoying the zingy colours that are in here - the pinks, cyans and different greens are cheery and just the thing to remind us that spring is very hopefully round the corner soon. All this snow and coldness is just too much now and I long for a bit of sunshine and a cuppa out in the garden. Must get some photo's of Pablo and Rocky when they start their adventures soon too!
Have lots of crafting fun everyone!

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