Friday, 15 March 2013

Altered photo album...

Ahh! Much better!

...this has been kicking around in an old drawer for aeons and it had a really boring, plain, black cover on it, so I thought before I start putting some photos in it, it needs a little something, a little lift to make it a bit more inspiring. Not every photo you take will be worth spending the effort scrapping - especially if you're as bad at taking photos as me, but, that doesn't mean that those photos have to live in an old shoebox under the bed gathering dust. So, I have "decopatched" this cover within an inch of it's life and then gone to work pimping it into a thing of beauty using bits and pieces from all sorts of places - there's Anna Griffin in there, Martha Stewart punching, recycled ribbon, twine, all sorts of stuff happenning. Phew, I actually feel like putting some photos in it now. Whilst I was working on this I was a bit side-tracked and got carried away making some paper flowers - you know the kind - the circular ones that have a cut that spirals into the middle, which you start by rolling the outside and work your way into the centre. Anyoo, once I'd got the knack, I ended up with quite a little stash of them which will more than likely find their way stuck to a 12x12 layout sometime soon! The one I stuck to the photo album has been painted with sparkly Mod Podge - a new investment which I'm just loving! Watch out everything if you stay still too long, you will be Mod Podged too!
Thankyou for stopping by to take a look,
keep creating!

Close up of Mod Podged flower. Sparkly!

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  1. it's lovely jak, fab flower and yes I like MP too, most of steven's books are covered in that, lol...

    maria xx