Monday, 1 June 2015

Pimp my desk...

... well, strictly speaking it's Millie's desk but you know what I mean! It had been looking less than shabby of late since Millie has discovered she loves to paint her nails... so instead of throwing it out and buying a new one which would just get covered in nail polish too, I decided to give this one a bit of a facelift! I picked up 3 rolls of Duck Tape from the reduced shelf in Asda back in January not really knowing what I was going to do with it, but at £1.30 per roll I couldn't just walk past it. Then, tidying her majesty's room one day I noticed the nick of her desk! Ping! Idea for using Duck Tape! The best bit about doing it was that it didn't take more than 40 mins to do from start to finish - including emptying the drawers and taking off/putting the drawer handles back on. So here it is from drab to fab! It actually looks quite durable!!!

Pink and BORING!!!!
Top surface comes off and was transformed in a flash!

Drawers done too!


Ta-daaaa!!! Finished in a flash! Hopefully we'll get a good few more months out of it - lol! Best of all - she actually approves! Phew! I got a bit worried half way through doing it that she might actually loathe it when she sees it! And that got me thinking about when me and my sis were kids, we would often come home from school to find mum had painted all our bedroom furniture or at least changed the layout of the room around while we were gone. Did we ever get a say in these matters? Of course we didn't! Lol!!!!
Anyway if you come across some bargain Duck Tape - snap it up pronto! You never know when the opportunity might come round for a bit of furniture pimping!!! Heehee!
Have fun!

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