Saturday, 29 August 2015

Brighton MiniBook update...

A lovely, sunny, good Saturday morning to everyone!
Here's a quick update on my holiday minibook. It's going well if a bit slowly, I have to share the computer with 3 other people who all somehow seem to monopolise the computer these days, so when I do eventually get a turn my first priority has been to print my holiday pics... There are quite a lot to choose from and I really must get some proper prints done as they would make a lovely gift for the girls Grandmas. I'll put the on the "things to do" list!
So here's a quick peak at progress... I still have a bit of embellishing to do although I've made a start with some cuts from the Silhouette, layering multi-cuts and sticking them together in layers for a chunky chipboard look!

This year I've included a bit more journaling just because the memories are still quite fresh and it's always nice to read these back years down the line. I think I might have a few more pages to add in yet but the book is filling up nicely with pics, receipts and various bits and bobs! Stay tuned for the completed project where I will go into more detail about embellishments and techniques!
Have a lovely weekend lovely crafters,
Love Jak!


  1. Great pages! Looks like great trip!

  2. Hi Samantha, Thanks for taking time to leave a comment. It's nice to know when people have stopped by for a look! I'm just on my way now to check out your blog! Cheers!

  3. Such an amazing book! You have beautiful handwriting. I don't use mine often enough on my projects. :)