Saturday, 15 August 2015

Good Saturday morning to you...

Hello fellow crafters!
I hope you have found time for a bit of crafting this week - I've been a bit busy - back to work from annual leave - car MOT! ( it failed! ) - walking to work etc - car back on the road... Anyways, as a result there's been plenty of paper shuffling go on at the craft table - not much physical creating but, some virtual instead, lol! I have been using my scrappers block wisely though by journaling my holiday and trying out repeat pattern designs in Adobe Illustrator (tricky till the penny drops!) and designs for die cutting on my silhouette.

Morrocan tile repeat pattern

diecut from pattern 

As you can see, the repeat pattern converts well into a diecut panel which will come in handy for cardmaking and scrapbooking. Basic Morrocan style repeat patterns are a great place to start as they are constructed using symmetrical shapes which are easier to work out how they join and repeat. Some people find that kind of thing easy but I'm not a natural at maths oriented stuff I kind of find my way round by trial and error till something in my head clicks then I get it and I'm off... It's like once I know how to do it my way, I can then go back and understand the instructions. I'm a hopeless case!!
And of course the truly brilliant thing about the silhouette is you can use the file at any size so, I'm off to cut these babies out now - I'll post my efforts later. Fingers crossed they work!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Love Jack xxx

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