Friday, 17 March 2017

Cards from March at The Range...

Hello all. Here are some pics of some of the cards I made last week at The Range in Dundee. If you managed to make it along, thankyou, I hope I managed to inspire you try out some new goodies. Ok here we go...

All of the above are cards made with some of the new Xcut dies. I'll not deny, they are very intricate but if you use my tip from my previous post, you'll be cutting them out completely hassle free - even more so if you remember to give them a wipe over first with a tumble drier sheet, that way all the waste just falls out with a few taps!

Next up are 3 cards from the Paws For Thought range. These are cute beyond belief and really appeal to me because they are so colourful. They're a great start for a newbie crafter as they can be made quickly and without too much embellishing. However, if you should so wish to go completely over the top and go all out kitsch (who, me? - never!!!!) you can really go for it as you can see in the pop up box card below!

Never one to overdo anything...

See what I mean - beautifully bonkers! 
And so on to Wood Elements Capsule range. I used the A4 paper and die cuts pack which is stuffed full of alphas, vellums, bows etc...

These two cards are BIG 8x8s - a size I don't normally indulge in but big cards do give you a bit more scope for embellishing. This colours in this pack are very muted so I added some pale pink and blue to the Best Wishes card to liven things up a bit.

Here's a new card format - for me anyway - which I tried out for the first time too. It's a slider card which when you pull the tag out, reveals the message inside. Kind of simple but effective.

Ok, so that's us done for today. I hope you like something in this selection of samples.
Thanks for popping by.
Have a crafty weekend everyone,
Jak xxx

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