Monday, 23 July 2012

My Little Pony Bracelet...

Hey, hey, hey!
All the girls here are having a Pony-tasic holiday and seeing as it is raining again, (wait a minute - did it ever stop?) we amused ourselves by making this li'l cutie with some shrink plastic and an ole bracelet nobody wanted! In fact I like it so much, I might be tempted to sneak a little wear of it myself! Yeehaaah! Ponies Rock!! Sadie is delighted with the result as am I and now that I have seen the Pony Royal Wedding at least six times and listened to the soundtrack at least a hundred, it is safe to say I am now totally indoctrinated into the ways of Ponyville! I even have a favourite! No! Two favourites!! I love AppleJack - she reminds me of Dolly Parton (I know! I know!) and cute little Fluttershy - so kind and gentle. Honestly, I have to get out a bit more!!! So, in order to quell this cabin fever, we are going to see some real ponies tomoz and the girls are going to have they're first ponyride ever. That should kill or cure the pony madness that has possessed us!
Trot on!

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  1. WOW so much work went into this, I love shrink plastic but don't get much of a chance to use it. This is very inspiring. Brilliant work x