Friday, 13 July 2012

Oor Wullie table makeover now complete...

Jings, crivvens and help ma boab - those old Oor Wulie annuals came in handy then! For those who don't know about Oor Wullie, that was Wulliespeak for various degrees of excitement!!! And I'm actually really excited about how easy/quick this was to do and how well it turned out! V effective - makes me want to try something else using a colour comicbook style next time. I think my dining room chairs could do with something - hmmmm...
It all started with an old table my neighbour was going to skip (that means take to the local council Refuse Management Centre), but knowing of my crafty ways with things, she checked in with me to see if I would like first refusal before it got binned. Of course, I couldn't see it being thrown out - Jings, that would be a terrible waste of creativeness! So, since I've been slicing up old books 'n' things recently, I thought it might be an idea to cover it with some old illustrations or the likes. So, a few pages and some random cutting later - hey Presto! The paper is stuck down with craft glue and has been varnished with Diamond Hard clear matt varnish. This turned out to have a very slight sheen to it which should wipe clean easily. The monochromatic Oor Wullie style works well in my front room because it's decorated in neutral tones. Hope it inspires you to get cutting and gluing too!
Thanks for looking!

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