Monday, 26 January 2015

Loving these papers...

So, yeah these papers - lovely! From My Mind's Eye, the texture is yummy, kinda like Bazzil cardstock with that linen-y texture but a bit more so, and the colours are happy and vibrant. Perfect for scrapbooking pics of my girls!!! Lots of diecutting happening here again - heart trellis, star journaling card, deer and hand-written part of title all cut on the Silhouette. There's a bit of paint on the cardstock base along with a bit of stamping, gromlets and washii tape!!! Quite an eclectic mix of pattern and colour too and that's why I chose mainly black and white for the title wording - it really stands apart from the colours and jumps off the page. I'm always saying this but, I think a bit of black really works well when there's a lot of colour happening - it just sharpens everything up and brings it all into focus! Having been a bit of a Goth, back in the day, I'm certainly not afraid of black, haha!

Just look at that cute little deer/dear!!!!

This part of the title came from a song that I've had going round and round in my brain for weeks now!
Normally, each year, my blog usually starts off with the Christmas past's minibook - only thing is, I really don't have that many photos this year. My camera has broken so it's been a bit of a hassle trying to scrape together pics taken by others to supplement what I took on my phone!!! A new camera is not that high up on my list of priorities, but luckily cameras on phones are brilliant these days. In fact probably as good as my manky old camera anyway!!! I've made a little christmas mini (it's teeny - only 2x2inches) for my mum so she can take it out with her and show off her gorgeous grandchildren and that's about all I've done regarding Christmas. Meh! Maybe I'll feel compelled to do something about that later. Or not!
Anyhoo, that's 2 posts uploaded for January already and I intend to stay in touch a bit more frequently this year, camera or not! So remember and pop by again soon for more crafty eyecandy!!!!
Love to all who keep coming back for a peek,
Jak xxx

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