Saturday, 7 February 2015

Hello February!

What Feb already? At this rate it'll be summer before we know it!!! Well, here in Dundee we've really not had much snow this winter at all and all though I know it's not over yet, I would have liked a bit of proper snow this year to make up for getting none last year either. My partner and I were reminiscing about bygone Christmases when it was a really exciting gift to be given a sledge and you could guarantee that you would always get plenty of use out of it. These were proper sledges too - wooden with metal runners to go super fast!! I can still remember vividly, my dad taking me out in the dark when he got home from work to sledge and play in the snow... happy days! And how exactly this leads me in to a layout about Egypt, well who knows... Anyhoo, here's my latest offering -
All about Millie and her Egypt obsession...
King Tut close up!!

Embossed birdie!

This was put together using some papers I got from TKMaxx - they are from a stack called Recollections - The Sweetest Thing but as usual there are all sorts of extras added in there too! I was at a loss for Egyptian inspired embellishments so thats kinda where the idea for a bit of gold embossing came from. I like doing this kind of thing with embossing powder and rubber stamps and the beauty of this technique is if it goes wrong or doesn't turn out how you expect it to, you can just melt it back down to liquid and try again. I think I was on my third try before King Tut came out the way I liked it!! The gold bird is a straightforward stamping technique and luckily he fits in well with the Egyptian theme. I nearly did some hieroglyphic diecuts too but I thought that would be overkill. I live by the saying – "Just cos you can, doesn't mean you should!" – wise words I carry with me through all aspects of my life!!! Heehee!

Thankyou for coming by!
Happy crafting,
Jak xxx

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