Friday, 20 February 2015

Another card...

I put this one together quickly - in fact I was lucky to rescue my diecut from a horrible, whiskery cat chewed demise as Pablo has been obsessively pacing across my crafting table trying to steal them! He seems to think 12x12 papers are for sitting on and all diecuts and trimmings are his to eat!!! He's such a naughty kitty! I'm sure he can hear me crafting even when he's out in the garden - all of a sudden he starts scratching at the door to come in just so he can walk his muddy paws across my table... furry pest!

Gotta move quick before Pablo steals it!!!
I think I know why I like this card - it has bits hanging off the edges! I like how its not framed in by the edges of the card which makes it look like its quite relaxed and haphazard like its just designed itself. A casual card! Hey I might be on to something - I might explore this style a bit further!!!!
Have a happy crafty weekend peeps!
Love Jak

xxxxx Bad kitty!!! xxxxx

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