Thursday, 28 May 2015

A get well soon card...

...for a friend in hospital. I love making these kind of cards as they really are OOAK! As usual, the cardstock is old leftover stash supplemented with some cotton ric rac, some stamping and a button for good measure. The sentiment has been cut using my Silhouette and the little illustration is taken from my trusty old 365 Bedtime Stories book! I might make a few as they are very different to the Father's day cards I uploaded recently and I like to dip in and out of different styles depending on what's lying about on the craft table... like a mini challenge for myself!
    The little clay figure in the foreground is Domo. He was made by Sadie, with a little help from Daddy for the teeth which turned out to be a bit trickier than anticipated as the whole mouth has to be inlaid to the main body! There is definitely a Domo thing happening at the moment as she has a school bag, fridge magnets and other frivolous nonsense on the go... very cute tho and no it hasn't knocked My Little Pony off the top spot of her favourite things! I think she'll love Ponies till she goes up to high school and even then I'm convinced they'll remain her guilty pleasure, lol!

Close up of die cut and that cute cat mummy and poorly kitty!
Domo says Yo!
Keep crafting everyone!

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