Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Here's a little painting I'm working on!

Well, hello there, fancy seeing you round here!
Welcome to my latest crafty post, this time featuring a little A4 size canvas-board painting. Everyone who knows me knows I can't draw for toffee thus the reason I became a graphic designer and not an illustrator! That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy fiddling around with a bit of colour and texture from time to time and sometimes the mood really does just take me and make me want to do something more expressive than realistic! 

This project started out as a bit of a doodle that grew into a full blown 3 dimensional painting type objet d'art! It is a ready gessoed canvas board that I did a quick pencil design on and realising I wanted a bit of dimension I glued string over the swirls and heart outline. I then covered the string with crumpled tissue paper and painted over this. Once the colour had gone on I added some red glass beads in the heart, more doodles in gold pen and Hobbycraft glitter glue, then went over the swirls with Dovecraft 3d Pearls. I don't think it's quite finished yet - I feel the need to add some text or something but for the moment I have given it the working title of "Joy In My Heart".  Pop back soon to see how it ends up!!! Sorry, this is a quick post - the kids are hungry and I need to get into the kitchen and make their tea!!!
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