Saturday, 17 October 2015

Safetypin bracelet project...

Hello there!
Thankyou for swinging by my little crafty spot! This weekend's post features this punky little safetypin bracelet. Ok, so this is maybe a bit of a cheat as it came in a box as a kind of kit project (a birthday present for my daughter a couple of years ago) but having only about 3 steps to remember, anyone could do this. I think the finished effect is great and I can see lots of potentially different ways of decorating it.
    So, you will need:- 
   approx 50 small safetypins
   plastic stretchy jewellery beading cord
   lots of random beads

Start off by threading beads on to the pins and closing them.
Cut 2 lengths of jewellery cord long enough for going round your wrist and tieing off.
Start threading your pins on the cord alternating their tops and tails so its in a one right way up, one upside down. Once you have enough pins on to go round your wrist with a bit of stretch, tie the ends together.
Repeat this again on the unthreaded side of the pins. (see image for what I mean!!! )
In all it's glory!!
Yay! The finished article. Wouldn't these be great just in one colour of bead or alternate colours! Some bells too maybe or dangly drops/tassels! I think too, the smaller the beads, the more pins you could squeeze on and have them really packed on there.
I hope you like this little project. It didn't take us long to make at all - threading the pins with beads was the bit that took longest. A few of these would be great to sell on a little craft stall - must remember to put that in my list of crafty things to do!
Have a great weekend crafters!
Love Jak!

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