Sunday, 3 April 2016

Serendipity and using up scraps of patterned papers

Yeah, so sometimes I like to work solely with my box of stash scraps and try and make something really eclectic work, and talking of which, this leads me on to the photo featured in this LO. It's my youngest daughter in a very (ahem) visually challenging outfit she dressed herself in one lazy Sunday... All the colours work okay together (if you're 9!) but the patterns are maybe a bit more headache inducing and normally I would try to persuade her to turn the volume down slightly but well, we were only going out for a wander up the Law on an autumn afternoon and weren't expecting to be arrested by the Fashion Police or anything! Anyhoo, I set to work hatching a plan to use my scraps and diecut a frame for them leaving a big circle to fill with a photo when lo and behold, I came across this one on my phone which if I didn't know better I would say was meant for this layout! Yes, indeed, the scrapping mojo works in mysterious ways... I'm unsure if I should issue a warning for looking directly at it without sunglasses...

Sunglasses optional!
Thankyou for stopping to have a look. I hope I haven't broken your eyes!
Have fun!
Jacqui xxx

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