Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Believe me when I say...

...I have honestly never made any shaker cards before. Why? Because I came to the card making party late! As you all know, (well anyone that pops by for the occasional visit does and even if you're all too shy to leave a comment or two my visitor counter keeps going up and it's not me bumping it up!) I am first and foremost a lover of scrapbooking and minibooks. But, when I started doing product demonstrations I thought I really should brush up on some cardmaking skills so, here's why I arrived at shaker cards. I'm really enjoying them too - it's a really cute way of making a card a bit more interesting and interactive and well they are a novelty aren't they!! Anyway you guys know all that already - it's just taken a while to dawn on me so, without further ado, here are some shaker cards I have made over the past week...

Floral confetti 

Stork and clouds - Xcut Baby Set dies

Xcut hexagon dies

A little polaroid style frame
I really enjoyed keeping these cards quite simple - that way it's all about the shaker! Lol! Remember, less is more! Heehee!
I hope you like them and I that I have reminded you of the joy of shaker cards! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Go and get the sequins and beads out and get shaker making!
Happy crafting!
Jacqui xxx

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  1. These are all really fun! I love all of the different ways you incorporated the shaker elements. :)