Sunday, 22 May 2016

Mr. Smith's Workshop - Tool chest stepper card.

Good morning everyone! As promised last week, here's the tutorial for the tool chest stepper card I made for part of last weeks DoCrafts demo...

Please feel free to print this tutorial off and have a go at making the card up! It's an easy card to decorate once the basic stepper part has been constructed. It's been embellished with pieces from the Mr Smith's Workshop A4 Ultimate Die Cut and  Paper pack and the tools are from a charm pack which is part of that very same range. My one tip is to adhere your little tools with a hot glue gun if you have one. That way you won't have to put the card to one side to dry before sticking that final drawer on!

Of course, if you're feeling very adventurous you could always try making this... Not so much a card, rather a small shed!

This was also a make for my demo last week. Inspired by a tutorial for one featured in the new free Creativity Essentials flyer for May/June - it is a bit more time consuming as there's a bit of construction work going on and glue drying time but well worth the effort if you have an afternoon to spare. This is the flyer you need - the instructions are on the back. It's always worth picking up one of these flyers to supplement the Creativity Magazine as there's extra inspirational makes inside and more detail regarding the latest products...

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I was a bit surprised at the size the shed was once fully constructed with the roof on. As you can see from this pic, I took mine out into the garden to compare with a real shed...

I just wish my real shed was as well organised and tidy as Mr. Smith's! Lol!
Have a great crafty Sunday everyone!
Lots of love,
CraftyJak x

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