Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A Grey Day Needs Cheering Up!

Well if you could just see the rain we've had this morning...
It actually woke me up 2 or 3 times during the night cos it sounded like a river rushing down our street. We live near the top of a very windy hill so luckily we're not at risk of a flood or anything but I always worry if I'll awake to a find new leak in my very old roof. Not today though thankfully! So, as seems to be customary, I'm in need of some lovely colours to brighten up a very grey day. This pic is from a wee book I'm in the process of completing - I was just waiting for the right photos to come along. They arrived today courtesy of Jessops online service and I am v impressed indeed. They were uploaded 8pm Monday and arrived today (Wednesday) lunchtime. Phew - I think that's good going. Lots of lovely colour ones in there and some atmospheric b&w's. I'll add a few on here before I delete them from my decrepit old laptop.
Kept the girls occupied by making some fudgy chocolate crispy cakes - yum! and if I can recharge the camera battery before they get scoffed I'll put them up too for my hordes of followers to drool over!!!

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