Saturday, 17 July 2010

Hey it's crazy saturday when I don't normally sit down till bedtime!!!

...except to do this! Bloomin heck! - just been to the carpet shop for a mere scrap of carpet for Sadie's room - not a big room - barely enough for a single bed - and phew! I thought I'd get one for £75. WRONG!!! Every shop £120+!! Not fair, its only gonna get covered in play dough 'n' paint 'n' other gutters!! Eeeeek. I wonder if she'd mind if I just taped some black binliners down instead? Once I have got over the initial shock of this (think I'll need a cup of tea and a biccie!) I will find a nice colourful piccie to post as a bit of therapy. Bloody £120.....!!!!! Bah!!!!

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