Friday, 16 July 2010

Yay! - its Friday!My most favourite and best day of the week! C'mon!!!!!

Well whad'ya know - I'm a whole week into my holiday now and hey it's actually stopped raining!(Rain + bored children = hard work for Mummy!) Today we have already made 2 cardboard bugs and will be making some more this avo when little Belle comes home from her playtime and lunchdate with her little friends, otherwise known as nusery! That's when the fun/trouble begins, haha! She is a little livewire/toe-rag and utterly cute with it! Millie is watching the Sarah Jane Adventures and I am desperate to play with some new stamps I won on Ebay! However I won't be doing that just yet as I'm away to recycle some old cereal boxes and repurpose them into more lovely bugs ready for painting when LaBelle comes home. Long live the good old cereal box - can't imagine there'll ever be a shortage of them in this house! Coco Pops Rock!


  1. I don't know if you already know it but is one of my favourite blogs - and don't even have kids to occupy! He makes fabulous, simple, inventive toys for his kids - just thought there maybe something there that yours would like too. :)

  2. Thanks Julie, have just had a wee looksee and I'm especially lovin' the fishtank thingy. Honestly my eldest could immerse herself in this kinda thing for hours... can't think who she gets it from!
    J :-D